Meet the People Behind the Work

At the headquarters of the Sandgate Society which is situated in the Old Fire Station in Sandgate High Street we have a wonderful display inside on the walls, of a wide variety of subjects, in the main all relating to Sandgate and mostly of times past.  We have several swinging wall boards showing pictures of Sandgate Castle, buildings of interest, and famous former residents to name just a few items.

At present the team are busy preparing to put on an exhibition to commemorate WW1, both in the Fire Station and at the library, if any of our members have anything that they think might be of interest relating to the war and would like to loan it to us for the display we would indeed be most grateful.

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(from left to right) Barbara Baker, Bob Preedy, Frank Pyke and Jill Partridge

“My name is Jill Partridge as many of you will know and I am part of the Archive Team belonging to The Sandgate Society. I thought I would tell a little about the work we do within the archives. There are three other members of  our team, namely Frank Pyke, Barbara Baker and Bob Preedy, we meet up each Tuesday in the Fire Station to work on the archives.

 We have an extensive archive in terms of paper files, photographs, maps books, slides and pictures, as you can imagine it is a huge task to catalogue and update our filing system. That is our ongoing job to keep our files in good order and to list any editions to the files on our computer, this work is something that as soon as we get to the end (and we have approx. 130 files) we need to start again at the beginning as we have items donated to us from time to time that have to be added to the system, catalogued and then placed in the correct files.

 Bob has been very busy over the past few months sorting out our vast collection of slides and putting them onto a chip and then onto a CD; eventually we hope to have some for sale.

We have been very fortunate over the past year to have been given a huge collection of items from the Neville family which included many slides, documents, books and photographs and of course a wonderful collection of goss figurines, as you can imagine it was quite a daunting task getting everything listed and put in the correct files. We had just finished them when we  had another very welcomed collection of items from the Bryant family given to us.  All these donations are adding to our wonderful archive records of Sandgate which are  available to our visitors and members to enjoy. Should any of our members have any items of interest that they no longer want we would be most grateful to find them a home.

 From time to time we put on exhibitions and displays in both The Sandgate Library and the Fire Station these take many weeks to prepare but the effort is well worth it when we see it all coming together and to hear from our visitors how much they have enjoyed it. At the present time we have a WW1 display in both the Library and the Fire Station which we hope as many people as possible will be able to come and  along and see how many of the young men of Sandgate took part in the war. There are some lovely photographs and stories about the war and of course we are very proud of our local VC Cpl William Cotter who was sadly killed in the war, we also have a copy of his VC on show.

 We also get many requests to do research often regarding a family history search or perhaps enquires about a property, sometimes sadly  no longer there, but which we might have some photographs of  amongst our archives. We always follow up these requests and enjoy doing the research  and of course it is always very rewarding when we come up with information for the enquirer.

The archive team really all enjoy the work we do it is very rewarding and should anyone like to talk to us about Sandgate in the past or need to look at anything in our archive we would be delighted to help you.”

Jill Partridge

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